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K. Russo Consulting Inc. Joins the Sanford Rose Associates® Executive Search

Sanford Rose Associates® Executive Search Network expands its footprint with the partnership of K. Russo Consulting Inc., the newest member of the Sanford Rose Associates (SRA) network of offices. K. Russo Consulting specializes in executive search and talent consulting throughout North, Latin and Central America. Their sister company, IIPE, based in Mexico, customizes research solutions through a robust team of multilingual search professionals.



Life is a Beach for IIPE – International Executive Research & Search

Constantly seeking ways to become more efficient and provide premium services, in 2007 Karen launched IIPE International Executive Research. IIPE is a Latin American based candidate research and search firm covering all industry verticals and disciplines across the globe.



Got A Good Business Idea? Here’s How You’ll Know.

There is no shortage of business ideas, but so few get off the ground. What separates the long-lasting endeavors from those that have a quick expiration date? BusinessNewsDaily spoke to some experts to get a read on the factors that are common in business ideas that take off…



Best Business Lessons From George Washington

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — As we celebrate President’s Day, it makes sense to look back in history to find one of the best examples of a great leader — George Washington, our nation’s first president. Washington would have celebrated his 280th birthday on Wednesday. His contributions, first as the commander-in-chief to free America from Britain’s grip in the American Revolutionary War and then as our nation’s first president, are numerous and immeasurable. The U.S. would not be what it is today without his strong sense of morality and general instinct to do what was right for the country, as opposed to inflating his own ego…



Debate: Does Social Media Deliver Results for Small Businesses?

The Wall Street Journal invited two business owners—Karen Russo, CEO of K. Russo Consulting Inc., Stamford, Conn., and Kurt Walchle, CEO of Survival Straps, Jacksonville, Fla.– to share opposing views.


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