It’s simple to get started! You speak with our project management leader and outline the details of the project. You tell us the requirements of the targeted candidates i.e. level of experience, specific expertise, required education, location, etc. We ask you for your “top five” qualifying criteria. After our initial conversation, we send you a project agreement that outlines our conversation and the project details. Once you approve the agreement, we get started. IIPE does all the research, we search the most up-to-date databases, relevant media publications, social media venues and associations. We also include our own proprietary network to identify potential candidates. With our depth of experience, we can effectively target the passive labor pool and uncover prospects. We keep you updated on our progress every step of the way.

Size doesn’t matter. It is the quality of very precise targeted contact information (specific to your criteria) that will result in closing your deal! There are a few determining factors: the amount of hours and niche of the search. A list can be 40 to 300 names on a 35- 40 hour project. We employ a proprietary quoting tool which assists us in recommending how many hours is needed on the project and a rough estimate of contacts that will be generated.

Our minimum is 30 hours to initiate a new project. We offer 5 hour check-in’s. Research is like a car rolling downhill; it builds up speed and momentum once you identify the best fit targets (which takes the most time) then you need to call and validate. A first run list can produce thousands of un-cleaned contacts and we need to filter this and then review against backgrounds and profiles. We spend a lot of time looking for the best match based on the criteria which we gather during our kick off call with you. We want to show you what we can do and if we don’t have enough hours it doesn’t allow us to produce our best work. The number of hours needed also depends on the niche. We rely on our proprietary quoting tool to determine this for the clients. We find most clients average 35-40 hours to get a well targeted list with enough contacts to launch a process and find candidates, referrals and new leads. If the project runs cold before the hours are used, we notify you and tell you we are at a dead end and will offer a credit for the unused hours.

The exhausting process of gathering information on the internet can take weeks for traditional recruiters but not for us. Our highly trained internet researchers are experienced in customized search engines, advanced Boolean searching and crowd sourcing. This coupled with the use of our technology and proprietary process, we eliminate hours spent of the development of targeted leads.


80% of the information we collect is by developing Boolean strings with critical data targeting social media sites, company websites, target associations, conferences, online resumes and profiles etc. These methods will usually bring thousands of links of the person’s information. Our key differentiator is that we personally analyze each link – adding only those that fit your criteria, discarding the inaccurate targets.


Next, we cross-reference people’s information together (if not already done by the software) phone numbers, emails, LinkedIn profiles, resumes, etc. This part of the process is done by a person, is not automated, this allows us to review the information gathered by the software and double check it for accuracy. We utilize custom emails, voicemails and phone call scripts to obtain contact information. We are consistently advancing our techniques through discovery of new internet tools  and through extensive training, both internally and externally.

Our internal process requires our research team to monitor their activity daily. Our system tracks call volume. A report is available to you weekly if you have contracted us for a long term project and project statistics can be updated daily and discussed with you by email or phone. We are your external sourcing team and lower cost solution than internal payroll.

Our service provides you with a list of qualified people including their names, company, title, phone, cell phone, emails, social media presence (if obtained), location and any other useful contact information. All of the information is 100% validated at the time of delivery and this is GOLD to a recruiter with a hot job on their desk.

It is completely safe and easy. You can make payment by PayPal Account (If you don’t have an account you can use a credit card) or wire.

YES, you can! We provide you with an IRS Form W8-BEN.

As recruiters and researchers with over 20 years experience, we have found IIPE‘s proprietary techniques allow us to accelerate the identification of passive candidates in any industry or discipline. As long as we can review the job requirements with the client during the kick off call, we can find top talent in any arena while “industry specialists” rely on their recycled candidate lists and limited networks. With our tools, the contact information comes to us and we can find the hidden talent in any industry and in any country with more speed than most specialty firms. This is why we have over 40 top-name search firms as clients.

The IIPE research team is trained in best practice recruitment strategies. We understand what you need for a list to be effective while recruiting. When we source to determine if a potential individual should go on the list, we use our training to determine the critical criteria established on our kick-off call with you. Other firms are telemarketing organizations trained only to match titles not expert at matching critical data and making educated decisions. We are located in the Central Time Zone and we utilized Mexican and American Voip which allows easier contacts with our English speaking associates.

IIPE is based in Playa del Carmen Mexico, neighbors to the USA and therefore have the business acumen, knowledge and understanding of infrastructure within many USA organizations. In fact many of our employees have work experience in the USA. Karen is onsite 70% of the year leading business development, client relations and overseeing project management.


All IIPE employees have been trained by our principal Karen Russo and by industry professionals in the sourcing community. As a best practice organization, we attend total recruiting symposiums, sourcing conferences and training yearly and with Internet and sourcing gurus. IIPE is a Certified Diversity Sourcing and Recruiting Organization. IIPE employees are college degreed and multi-lingual.


Karen is a Pinnacle Society member and established in the industry since 1986. She also owns and operates a boutique recruiting firm in the USA, K. Russo Consulting. Karen is a specialist in recruiting and leader in recruiter best practices as it is part of her daily routine. In the corporate world, Karen is known for her ability to place top talent in all areas of Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Public Relations, Digital/Social Media and Business Development as well as other disciplines.

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