Research: Customized Solutions

Building a great list of prospects is essential to the successful start of an executive search. At IIPE, we:

  • Work with clients to develop industry-specific strategies
  • Utilize state-of-the-art tools and IIPE’s rapid sourcing proprietary process
  • Target both passive and poised candidates
  • Proactively gather 100% validated contact data and valuable notes

We call prospects from our validated lists and professionally present our clients’ opportunities. Candidate development can be for an immediate need or to begin an engagement process for future needs or pipelines. We specialize in reeling in qualified, passive talent and in obtaining value-added competitive intelligence.

As the very first point of contact, the cold call sets the stage for future recruitment efforts. Successful calls not only get the information you need, but also leave a favorable impression upon potential candidates. IIPE’s recruiters:

  • Possess cold calling experience across a broad range of industries
  • Skillfully position job opportunities and identify interest levels
  • Discreetly brand the hiring company
  • Trained to gain the attention of candidates and introduce opportunities

When time and manpower are critical, IIPE can take the recruitment process to the next level. Our professional phone screening drives prequalified candidates to your executive search firm. The IIPE team will:

  • Investigate and qualify skill and behavioral competencies relevant to the search
  • Assess the potential for continuing with the prospect
  • Assist you in branding your client’s search process

IIPE delivers customized organizational charts of your competition. This mapping methodology allows executives the ability to benchmark themselves against rivals, dissect competitors’ strategies, and forecast a market’s future.

With our help you can uncover the hidden gold within your own database. IIPE uncovers the people you can’t find on your own, even when they have disappeared from your database.

By using IIPE’s proprietary process of sourcing and talent mapping of your industry, we create pre-qualified talent pipelines and communities in social media venues that can be stored in your database. Talent Communities can be conducted on a per project basis or integrated into any research or recruitment process.

Start your search today.