Tine Mathys

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TINE MATHYS – Manager of Administration

Tine is responsible for the office management. This includes overseeing the legal, finance, business and technology operations as well as the hiring and on-boarding of new employees.


Graduated as an engineer, Tine possesses a strong background in computer technology and software tools. She has first-hand experience working in multi-national organizations based in Europe, in different areas of product management, sales and marketing. Being a natural team leader, she motivates the research team to effectively handle executive search, candidate cold calling, pre-qualifying screening, in-depth interviewing, and candidate profile assessment.


Tine has worked in many continents and is fluent in Spanish, English, Dutch and French. Previously, she owned her own company in Mexico providing entertainment in the tourist industry and supported other companies as a business and financial consultant.


Tine is a member of the National Society for Hispanic Professionals.

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