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Richard Esposito – New Business Development Associate

Our newest member of the IIPE/KRC team is Richard Esposito.  Richard is responsible for driving new business sales and constructing creative approaches to client projects that fully meet the needs of our clients. Dedicated to delivering quality results to our clients, in his spare time he will assist the team on first level interaction and cold calling while working with our Quality Manager on special projects.


Richard’s short but successfully background is in sales and business startups. Currently Richard has been working in product design on a new product within the vaping industry.  As founder of Mod Militia Inc., Richard oversees the product development and engineering team on a release of a new vaping system.


Previously as a Sales Representative for Vector, Richard received great references from his divisional sales manager and achieved the highest recommendation from the CEO, the Presidents’ Award which allowed him to advance into formalized sales training programs.  As a sales rep for Vector, Richard received extensive training in interpersonal communications, time management and the importance of an individual’s attitude regarding their accomplishments. In addition to attending professional training seminars, Rich also attended sales conferences where he participated in extensive workshops with individuals in his peer group and managers of the corporate staff.  During his time with Vector Richard won many sales awards. He has distinguished himself not only through sales performance, but also as a potential leader through involvement in the operation of the local field office.


As stated by the CEO of Vector, Albert Deleonardo “Any individual within our organization that achieves this distinction is highly motivated and talented. Direct sales have long been recognized as a proving ground for successful business people from all walks of life. It requires hard work, self-discipline, a willingness to accept challenge and a high degree of personal responsibility. Rich is such an individual. Therefore, I feel comfortable in passing along my personal recommendation to you.”


Richard is a student of the world, having studied business management, architecture and film. Currently he is attending a local business university.  When not assisting clients with projects you can find Richard building organic gardens, playing bass or listening to metal music.

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