Author: IIPE

21 Mar Commercial Strategies to Optimize Biosimilars Market

Karen Russo  Since the biosimiliars market is still in its infancy stage, biopharmaceutical companies that are attempting to enter the space are encountering a variety of distinct challenges. The global regulations not only remain complicated, but they also continue to evolve and differ across certain regions...

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13 Feb Top 4 Tendencias de BioPharma

Karen Russo Desde los medicamentos más nuevos que se usan para combatir las enfermedades poco usuales, hasta las últimas soluciones digitales innovadoras que están ayudando a que avance la industria biofarmacéutica, aquí están incluidas algunas de las tendencias emergentes que se discutieron en el Congreso Mundial...

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02 Feb The War is Over

By Matt Craven 2018, the year of acquiring the best talent will once again be our primary focus. As always, talent acquisition will be on the hot seat everywhere. Locate, identify, qualify, engage and secure the top performers from the competition and do it faster than ever before. Here to...

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